Geographically accurate Tube map

Kottke.orghas an articleincluding a geographical map of the London Underground train network. It's quite nice to look at - somewhat different from the schematic version.

old 02 Jan 2003 #
Updated dme -- blog.el

I've updatedthe Emacs Blosxom support that I wrote to add support for publishing entries to multiple destinations.

For example, you can do:

(setq dme:blog-destinations
      '(("~/var/blog" nil nil t)
	;; entries in category `sun' don't get published to tiramisu
	("~/local/blog" "" nil
	 (lambda ()
	   (not (string-match "^sun" dme:blog-category))))
	("~/local/blog" "" nil t)))

In this case, all entries will be saved to ~/var/blog and, whereas only entries not in a category beginning with sun will be published to

This allows me to write entries which are work related and have them saved locally and on a machine at the office, not on the publically accessible host.

old 01 Jan 2003 #
Cheap graphics cards

After spending time agonising over an ATI All-in-wonder 8500 LE (almost 200ukp), I bought a 25ukp no-name card with an NVidia GeForce 2 MX/400. It works well under Windows 2000 - much better than the NVidia Vanta it replaces. Sure, it doesn't have a DVI connector, but I figured that I would sort that out when I upgrade my TFT panel to one with a DVI port :-)

Linux drivers for the GeForce 2 MX seem to be binary only from NVidia, so that's a joy that I'll deal with when I need to do so (downloading a new Debian now...).

old 01 Jan 2003 #
Is the ATI Radeon 7500 supported in XFree86 ?

Trying to determine if the ATI Radeon 7500 is supported by XFree86 is proving to be a real challenge. There are notes in various places about support for the 'radeon' and discussion on a variety of mailing lists about problems with non-ATI cards using the chipset, but nothing definitive ! The XFree86 release notes for 4.2.0 don't seem very clear, to me at least.

Obviously there are other vendors (Matrox G550 looks good), but the 7500 has DVI out and can be bought for less than 50ukp, which makes it seem like a good deal.

old 31 Dec 2002 #
GTK+OSX For Macintosh OS X

From slashdot:

Scott Sheppard writes “GTK+OSX has released a native Macintosh Aqua port of the Linux-based GTK+ open source graphical user interface library. GTK+ (GIMP ...”

This is good. Now a native version of xchatfor Aqua should be just around the corner...

old 31 Dec 2002 #
Elisp for Blosxom bloggers

To make life easier, I threw together some emacs lisp to help create Blosxom blog entries in emacs. Look here.

old 31 Dec 2002 #
Aggregate to email ?

NetNewsWire Lite on MacOS X is cute, but finding a similarly useful equivalent under Linux seems to be a challenge. As a result I dug out Aaron Swartz' rss2email script and persuaded it to dump a load of feeds into folders on my IMAP server.

The lack of support for inline images could be annoying, but mostly it works a treat.

I tried pushing RSS into a news server before (mostly because I could rely on the news server to ensure that the articles were unique), but the requirement for client state in news readers was annoying (more about that later I think).

old 31 Dec 2002 #
Powerbook still offline...

The disk in my Powerbook G4 is still non-functional, and Applehaven't sent the courier round yet.

Browsing the web using Linux or Solarisjust isn't the same. The font's don't work, there doesn't appear to be a decent RSS aggregator, ...

At least emacsis (mostly) the same everywhere.

old 30 Dec 2002 #
wiki formatting in MovableType

Installing the wiki formatter for MovableType was straightforward. A quick change to the master index template, and it should all work now ! I have to get out of the habit of writing HTML and produce Wiki TextFormatting instead.

old 25 Aug 2002 #