blogger.el and Radio Userland

Posted on Jun 8, 2002

It seems that the version of url.el that I was using was too old for blogger.el (well, xml-rpc.el). Getting the version from CVS fixed that.

Unfortunately it seems that this isn't enough. To have a good version of Emacs for MacOS X, I'm running the CVS version of Emacs. There are some changes which have been made to xml.el such that it no longer ignores whitespace in XML text which it is given. The whitespace turns up as strings in the resulting emacs lisp lists. This confuses xml-rpc.el a great deal, causing failure.

Mail sent to Mark Hershberger(the author of xml-rpc.el version of blogger.el). Perhaps Daniel Lundinwould be a better bet.

Strangely, I was browsing Advogato's recent diaries, and I came across someone elsehaving problems, though they don't say which version of Emacs is involved.