Updated dme -- blog.el

Posted on Jan 1, 2003

I've updatedthe Emacs Blosxom support that I wrote to add support for publishing entries to multiple destinations.

For example, you can do:

(setq dme:blog-destinations
      '(("~/var/blog" nil nil t)
	;; entries in category `sun' don't get published to tiramisu
	("~/local/blog" "tiramisu.dme.org" nil
	 (lambda ()
	   (not (string-match "^sun" dme:blog-category))))
	("~/local/blog" "kriek.uk.sun.com" nil t)))

In this case, all entries will be saved to ~/var/blog and kriek.uk.sun.com:~/local/blog, whereas only entries not in a category beginning with sun will be published to tiramisu.dme.org:~/local/blog.

This allows me to write entries which are work related and have them saved locally and on a machine at the office, not on the publically accessible host.