Duplicate email from rss2email

Posted on Jan 7, 2003

Forwarding Address: OS Xwas generating a whole bunch of repeat emails for me (the two most notable being those by George Scribanabout AppleScript). I fiddled with the Python a bit, and the problem seems to have gone away.

Unfortunately, my fiddling involved changing the tag stored to indicate that an item was already seen, so all of the old articles are downloaded again :-(

The relevant section of code now reads:

if (seen.has_key(i['link'] + id)) and (seen[i['link'] + id] == id):
    # print 'have seen', i['title'], id
    # print 'have not seen', i['title'], id
    seen[i['link'] + id] = id

Basically, include the MD5 hash of the description in with the URL when storing the seen-ness of the item.