Editing textareas with emacs-w3m

Posted on Jan 8, 2003

The default mode for editing textareas with emacs-w3m is pretty cheesy. No auto-fill, no spell checking, ...

Enabling the use of text-mode was a little bit more complex than I imagined, but only a little. The strangeness was caused by the use of local variables to maintain state in the textarea editing buffer. As all major-modes should, text-mode kills all local variables. This meant that the emacs-w3m state was lost and attempting to submit the modified text failed. Marking the relevant variables as permanent-local did the trick.

Here's the code:

(eval-after-load "w3m-form"
     (define-minor-mode dme:w3m-textarea-mode
       "Minor mode used when editing w3m textareas."
       nil " dme:w3m-textarea" w3m-form-input-textarea-keymap)

     (defun dme:w3m-textarea-hook ()
       ;; protect the form local variables from being killed by `text-mode'
       (mapcar (lambda (v)
 		 (if (string-match "^w3m-form-input-textarea.*"
				   (symbol-name (car v)))
		     (put (car v) 'permanent-local t)))
       (text-mode) (dme:w3m-textarea-mode))

     (add-hook 'w3m-form-input-textarea-mode-hook 'dme:w3m-textarea-hook)))

Updates will probably happen on the relevant Emacs Wikipage.

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