RSS to multipart/alternative

Posted on Feb 3, 2003

After an email discussion with DJ Adamsresulting from his entryon RSS to NNTP, I realised that what rss2emailneeded was the ability to generate multipart/alternative messages.

These would include both plain text and HTML versions of the entries. When using a mail reader which prefers text (like muttor gnus), the reader gets to see a plain text rendering of the RSS entries (with URLs as footnotes). If you happen to use an HTML capable mail reader ( Apple Mailor Mozilla), you get the full HTML rendered version.

This is particularly nice if you use both types of mail reader, as you get the one which is most suitable at the point you are reading.

Anyway, the fix was simple, so I've sent it back to Dean Jackson, who seems to be the keeper of rss2emailright now.

Send me emailif you want a copy "right now".