Blosxom 2.0

Posted on Mar 31, 2003

I finally switched over to one of the release candidates of blosxom 2.0. The main reason was to get access to the plugins, which look neat.

At the moment I've added only textile, though it would be useful to have one of the two Amazon plugins as well ( macrolinks or asin). It seems odd to me that textile would break lines in the way that it does - perhaps that's something to do with coming from Movable Type. It was relatively easy to fix this - replace the part of that says:

 $fmt .= '<br />'."\n" if $i < $#lines; 


 $fmt .= ' '."\n" if $i < $#lines; 


Well, that was a bit of a waste of time. The version of perl on the server at work is too old for textile. It's being upgraded soon...

Update 2

It was the textile support for HTML entity encoding that was causing problems, and it's not enabled by the blosxom plugin. A little light surgery to lib/bradchoate/ fixed that up.