You've got specs!

Posted on Apr 29, 2003

Well, actually, I've got specs. Sam (my son) and I went to get our eyes tested a couple of weeks ago, and now we both have specs. His for reading and writing, mine for using the computer (== 'working') and driving at night.

I don't mind wearing glasses really, not being particularly worried about the effect it has on others. Annoyances I've noticed so far:

  • They have to kept clean. My eyebrows seem to harbour a large amount of vital oils, which get rubbed off on the lenses.

  • Headphones and glasses is not a great combination. The headphones I've had for 10 years or more (relatively cheap Sony things) seem to crush the top of my ears against the arms of the glasses, causing irritation after a couple of hours. Perhaps I can use it as an argument to buy some nice in-ear 'phones.