Mozilla for mail

Posted on May 10, 2003

Irritations associated with using Mozilla as a mail reader:

  • SOCKS support is not quite right,
  • keyboard focus changes in unexpected ways,
  • the signature insertion code insists on inserting a separator,
  • the arbitrary blank line after attribution strings when writing replies,
  • the 'View->Messages' menu and the 'View:' dropdown don't seem to be connected in any sensible way.

The main problem with SOCKS is that Mozilla doesn't appear to use SOCKS to resolve hostnames. So, if you are behind a SOCKS gateway with no real DNS service, you are forced to use IP addresses to gain access to services beyond the gateway (IMAP in my case).

The keyboard focus problem occurs when I'm reading messages using the preview pane. At some point I'll type 'm' (to mark the message as unread again) or '5' ('look at this again later') or even 'n' (next message). Most of the time this works just fine, but occasionally focus will shift to the 'Subject or Sender contains:' box, and I end up limiting the set of displayed messages in an odd way.

How the 'View->Messages' menu and the 'View:' dropdown can be so poorly integrated escapes me. It's crazy.

Still, I've not found a better GUI style mailer for MacOS X yet :-(