NetNewsWire vs. Blapp

Posted on May 10, 2003

Comparing Blapp and NetNewsWire as blog authoring tools (because obviously NetNewsWire was originally intended as an RSS reader rather than a writer) is interesting.

Nice things about Blapp:

  • the 'links' page, which includes a list of all of the links you've ever used in your blog, as well as links culled from Safari(optional),
  • blosxom support is good, which is to be expected,
  • the ability to have the preview screen run through a script, in case you use a formatting package (like textile).

Nice things about NetNewsWire:

  • the preview window seems a bit more realistic, but I'm hard pressed to understand why,
  • integration with an RSS reader is nice, as it makes referring to other articles much easier,
  • spell checking in the editor,
  • the tag insertion menu looks as though it might be useful, but I haven't used it yet.

NetNewsWire costs some money, which is a disincentive to use it purely as a blog authoring package. Currently I'm using some scripts based around rss2email to read RSS feeds (which works well with Mozilla), so the reader part is not particularly useful to me.

Using blosxom categories seems impossible with NetNewsWire, but perhaps I just missed something.

For the moment I'll play with both (and dme:blog.el) and see how it goes.