Handspring Treo 180

Posted on Jul 1, 2003

As a slightly late birthday present, I bought myself a Handspring Treo 180 from some chap on Ebay. Despite some initial difficulties (the first one to arrive was actually a 180g) the purchase went very well. At 100 pounds it's the most expensive thing I've ever bought on Ebay.

The Treo itself is interesting. In no particular order:

  • the keyboard is usable, even though it's obviously not something that anyone would want to use for writing a novel,
  • speakerphone mode is quite useful,
  • sound quality through the speaker when using the Treo as a flip-phone (held against my head) is poor compared to the Nokia 6210 that is now sitting in a pocket of my bag,
  • seems cool. The Treo has been connected to Vodafone's service for a few days now and a little light browsing with Blazer works very well. Fiddling with is next.
  • there doesn't seem to be a way to navigate the main Applications screen without using the touchscreen. Given that many other operations are possible without touching, it would be nice to be able to do this.

With the exception of web browsing, it's not obvious that having a colour screen would enhance the experience much. Perhaps the colour screen is brighter?

At the moment the phone is in full-time use. I'll post any more thoughts that occur to me.

listening to: Alanis Morissette: Joining You (Unplugged)