Four Book Reviews

Posted on Jul 2, 2003

I'm really behind on my book reviews (and, in fact, in managing the bookshelf over there on the right). Here are some quickies.

Otherland by Tad Williams:

Otherland : River of Blue Fire (Otherland), Otherland : Mountain of Black Glassand Otherland : Sea of Silver Lightare the last three books in the Otherland series that began with Otherland I: City of Golden Shadow (Otherland)( ???). If you liked the first, the following four are very much in the same vein. As a complete story Otherland feels somewhat slow to progress, though there are lots of parallel storylines and plots to follow, all of which coincide along the way. Book 3 ( Mountain of Black Glass) was probably my favourite, as it had a little more pace. Recommended.

Eye in the Sky by Philip Dick

Spotted this in a shop in Cornwall, probably pushed to the fore by the film Minority Report, which is based on anotherPhilip Dick book. It's interesting to imagine how many aspects of the story reflect the time in which it was written - crazy communists who have to be routed out, stamped out, eradicated. The science seems flawed, but it doesn't distract from an interesting 'what if' story. Borrow a copy, but don't bother to buy it.