A different office every day?

Posted on Jul 8, 2003

Ben Hammersley moving to Florence set me thinking about whether or not my family could up sticks and move somewhere else. Given my job I could probably work most anyplace that has decent internet connectivity (so that I can use Cisco software to connect back to the office). Moving the whole family is a big decision to take, but I started to wonder about where I spend my time.

In the main, I tend to work in one of two places:

  • in the office,
  • at home.

Given that these two places are only a mile apart, commuting isn't really a great hassle.

But what if I wanted to wander about a bit more? So, as a challenge, I figured I'd try to work in a different place every day for two weeks (ten days). One week should be easy - simply visit some different company offices, work at home for a day and visit my wife's office for a day. What about the rest?

I need:

  • a place to sit, preferably with a desk,
  • a power outlet (just one) for my laptop,
  • internet connectivity via WiFi or ethernet,
  • somewhere convenient to get lunch, a coffee, go to the loo, etc.,
  • people tolerant of me spending a little time on the phone,
  • no more than an hours' drive from Watford.

Out of this list, internet connectivity is likely to be the most difficult. To use systems at work I use VNC, which means that 64kbps is really an absolute minimum to avoid going mad. Latency is also important, which rules out satellite connections.

I'll build a list, publish it here and, when I get around to performing the experiment, post pictures and updates. If anyone (reads this and) has any suggestions, please send them by email or add comments.