NetNewsWire Lite, referrers and images

Posted on Jul 10, 2003

Whilst playing a little with NetNewsWire Lite I came across a couple of oddities.

When double-clicking on an article in NetNewsWire Lite to request that the original article be displayed in a browser, the Referrer header seems to be set to when I'd expect the of the feed. There's discussionof this on the Rancherosite, but it's not clear if the points there are about this specific issue.

Image display is odd if only a width is specified in the tag.

Compare Safari:

with NetNewsWire Lite:

Safari (and Camino and Mozilla and Internet Explorer) seem to scale the image depending on the width tag. NetNewsWire Lite uses the specified width, but takes the height of the real image.

To work around this I could specify both the width and the height , but that rapidly becomes an irritation.