RSS and links and permalinks

Posted on Sep 12, 2003

With RSS feeds and links, there are two schools of thought:

  1. The link should be an external link -- it should point to whatever the item is linking to. For instance, if an item links to an article on Example.Com News, then the link should point to that article.
  2. The link should be an internal link -- it should be the permalink for the item. In other words, it should link to the page on the site that is the permanent home for the weblog entry that links to the article on Example.Com News.


What do you think?

I'm always a little surprised when choosing “Open ... in Browser”[1] takes me to the site that the (say) weblog entry refers to rather than the weblog entry itself.

If it were possible to always get it right, which would probably mean having two entries in the menubar and two distinct elements in the feed, it would be good. Until then, I'd rather go via the weblog entry.

[1] What's with the capital 'B'?