Building work at Imperial

Posted on Nov 12, 2003

For complicated reasons I was hanging around for a day at Imperial, where I was a student and then worked for a while.

imperial-left.jpg imperial-right.jpg If you are familiar with the campus in South Kensington but have not visited for a while, it's worth a trip. There are a couple of new buildings already in existence and more on the way. The pictures on the right show one of the unfinished projects which sits behind the Mechanical Engineering building on a site that previously a lawn. The pictures are not deceptive - the building really is covered in panels of various shades of blue. I'm not sure if it will stay like that, but it looks novel at the moment.

More noticable is the re-working of the front of the Mechanical Engineering building that faces Exhibition Road. The existing block that stuck out has been re-modelled and a new addition has been made on the right.

Obviously lots of cash for new offices around!