iCal annoyances

Posted on Nov 26, 2003

iCal seems to be a very usable application in the 1.5.1 revision that arrives with Panther. So far I like the fact that the old inspector was replaced with a much more functional version. I have two gripes though:

  1. It doesn't seem to be possible to configure iCal so that all new appointments have an alarm set by default. There used to be a "Use as default" option in the older version of iCal, but it was particularly useless, as it didn't actually set the default behaviour, just controlled what was set on an appointment when you selected "Use default" (d'oh).
  2. When I dismiss a reminder the dock icon for iCal continues to bounce. This seems to be a new bug with Panther - the 1.5 (maybe 1.5.1?) iCal on Jaguar didn't do it.

If anyone knows of a way to fix these two things, please let me know.