Posting from within Emacs

Posted on Nov 26, 2003

Ages ago I wrote about wanting to post to Movable Type from within Emacs using code from Bill Stillwell and the difficulties I was having getting that working. Since then I've really been around the houses - different software for managing the weblog, different formats for creating the entries, different programming languages to implement the software used to manage the weblog, etc. I'm now back full circle in many respects (the first version was actually created using Radio UserLand, but that was quickly left behind for Movable Type), so I'm back trying to post from Emacs.

Only one very small fix to xml-rpc.el was necessary:

--- xml-rpc.el.~1.2.~	Wed Nov 26 08:24:17 2003
+++ xml-rpc.el	Wed Nov 26 09:52:50 2003
@@ -461,7 +461,7 @@
		  ;; A probable XML response
		  ((looking-at "<\?xml *version=.*\??>")
  •   	   (xml-parse-region 0 (point-max)))
  •   	   (xml-parse-region (point-min) (point-max)))</p>
      	  ;; Valid HTTP status

The really good news is that it appears to work (well, if you can see this it does, anyway).

Update: It turns out that Mark Hershberger has an alternative Movable Type (and blogger and ...) interface available, but it doesn't feel quite as natural or quick. One to keep an eye on though.