Friday the 13th vs. Palm Pilot IIIx

Posted on Feb 16, 2004

Last Friday I dropped my ancient but trustworthy Palm Pilot IIIx on to the (slate) kitchen floor. Ouch.

Most parts of it seem fine, but the glass screen is cracked in a couple of different directions and this means that the touchscreen is erratic, to say the least. Stuff in the bottom left quarter seems to work okay, but the rest is completely useless. Touching the bottom right seems to result in events for items in the top right. Touching the top half doesn't seem to do anything at all.

The cheapest replacement would be something via Ebay, but I'm reluctant to buy one second-hand, as the screen might be scratched, etc. A Zire is about £60 and a Zire 21 around £80. The 21 has a much faster processor, which would be nice. Playing with Tungstens in PC World at the weekend made me wonder about buying a Tungten E (something over £150) and if it had Bluetooth I'd be sold. Is it worth paying double the cost of a Zire 21 to have colour and higher resolution?