Retiring on Google Adsense proceeds

Posted on Feb 18, 2004

Google sent me a cheque a few days ago after I played with Adsense for a while last year. Apparently I'm not supposed to tell you how much I got, anything about my statistics, etc., but I think it's fair to say that I won't be retiring on the proceeds. In fact, the cheque is in US Dollars, and it's not worth as much as it would cost me to pay it in to my bank account. Maybe I'll frame it.

A couple of weeks ago I added the advertisements back in again, mostly out of curiosity. It struck me today that it may actually be a useful way of finding advertisements that are targetted at me. Given that Google generate the adverts based on the contents of the site and I produce the content, they should be right up my street!

If that's true (and it seems to be moderately true so far), is there any problem with me following the adverts myself and then getting paid for having done so? I'd guess not, because the advert was successful. This must have been discussed somewhere already...