New toy!

Posted on Mar 16, 2004

Just over a month after the demise of my Palm Pilot, a new Tungsten T turned up in the post. It's supposed to be second hand, but it is in very good condition - doesn't look to have been used at all.

First impressions are good. The screen is bright and the higher pixel density means that the interface looks smoother and is a little easier to read. The speed improvement over the old Motorola Dragonball processor is quite noticeable - operations occur quickly and without any apparent pauses.

iSyncing with my Powerbook via bluetooth worked first time and gave me the opportunity to install the SMS application, web browser, etc. SMS via the t610 "just works", but I haven't tried GPRS for web or email access yet.

All things considered, the device works well and is a worthy upgrade. I've already ordered a hard case to help protect it and I suspect that a charge-n-sync cable will follow quite soon after - being able to use an otherwise idle USB port to re-charge is very useful.

If there are any killer applications that I should be trying out, let me know.