909 pictures in your camera

Posted on Mar 25, 2004

For some odd reason I plonked a 256Mb compact flash card into my camera. Normally there's just a 32Mb card in there. When the camera was turned on it seemed to hang for a while, which was worrying. After a few seconds it finally reported that it had space for 909 pictures, using the highest resolution (1152 by 768 pixels) and highest quality.

Now, I'm not sure exactly how many pictures I've taken with this camera over the last five years or so, but it probably isn't a large multiple of that number ("nine-hundred and nine"!). If I buy a better camera that number would presumably fall by a factor of four or more, but it's still very impressive.

Anyway, on Mother's Day (last Sunday) we went for a wander in the nearby fields to "blow off the cobwebs" and I attempted to take some pictures to stitch into a panorama. Here's the result (click for a 3.5Mb version):


You should know that I'm under no illusions about my abilities as a photographer or as a Photoshop monkey :-)