proporta Aluminium case for the Tungsten T

Posted on Mar 25, 2004

The proporta case turned up today. It is much as I expected - reasonably well made, fits well and doesn't add too much weight. The catch for the front cover is very tight, but that's better than a loose catch. After a few days I'll bend it a little if it's proving very irritating.

Extending the screen whilst the Tungsten is in the case (to allow access to the Graffiti pad) is a little annoying. It's necessary to grab the top of the Tungsten with thumb and forefinger (there's a cutout at the top back of the case to allow this) and pull it upward.

Other reviews commented on how it was difficult to sync/recharge or reset the Tungsten without removing it from the case. I've never had to reset this device, so that's not a worry. I plan to sync/recharge using an extendable cable when I get around to buying one, so I'm not too bothered about that either.

Battery life so far seems quite good. It looks as though I will be able to go almost a week between charges if absolutely necessary. That's similar to my t610.