What do you carry and how?

Posted on Apr 21, 2004

More specifically,

  • what equipment do you carry around on a regular basis and
  • how do you carry it?

As an example, I have perhaps three or four different sets of stuff that I carry around:

  1. Everyday things, usually carried in trouser or coat pockets. Things like:
    • loose change (trouser pocket),
    • car and house keys (trouser pocket),
    • phone (trouser pocket),
    • Swiss Army knife (trouser pocket).
  2. Shopping stuff:
    • all of the above,
    • wallet (trouser or coat pocket),
    • cheque book (trouser or coat pocket).
  3. To the office stuff:
    • all of the above,
    • powerbook (laptop backpack),
    • various accessories (all in laptop backpack):
      • iSight,
      • USB to serial dongle,
      • power brick,
      • headphones with microphone boom,
    • random collection of paper.
  4. Around the world stuff:
    • all of the above,
    • passport (trouser or coat pocket),
    • tickets (trouser or coat pocket),
    • clothing (duffel bag or suitcase),
    • ancient digital camera (laptop backpack),
    • more electronic accessories (laptop backpack).

Mostly, this all works out fine. But there are some problems:

Tungsten T
Since acquiring a new Palm, I'd really like to take it with me places - that's part of the whole point, right? Unfortunately I'm not happy having it in a trouser pocket. Coat pockets are okay, but then I forget that it's in the coat or I don't have it wandering around the office. One solution might be a Batman style utility belt, but which case to buy?
ipod and digital camera
These are actually less of a problem, because I don't have them :-) But, imagine that I did. How would I carry them? It would be nice to have them available most of the time, in cases one and two above.
Laptop backpack
My current laptop backpack (probably this) is rubbish. Unless it's very full it tends to hang off my back. The material is not great quality and it has poor storage features (pockets, etc).
Boblbee packs are a constant source of lust, but are they really sensible? In general backpacks are good because it's easy to carry multiple bags that way - wear the backpack and keep both arms free. Perhaps a Spire Meta would be better. Or are messenger style bags actually okay?

Help!? What does everyone else do? How do you manage?