Posted on May 4, 2004

For the past three weeks or so I’ve mostly convinced myself (and perhaps others - who knows?) that the upcoming RIF at Sun wasn’t stopping me getting on as usual. Last Wednesday the conviction mostly disappeared when friends at the Paderborn (that’s in Germany) office relayed the information that the site is to close and all of the staff are being told to find jobs elsewhere (perhaps some of them will find other jobs in Sun, I’m not sure). I was actually quite shocked at the announcement, as the people working there that I’ve encountered have always been professional and I know that they are good engineers. It’s not as though being declared redundant is something new - it’s happened a couple of times before at Sun (including affecting people I know), at SCO many years ago and I’ve been involved in preparing lists from “the other side of the fence”. Still, it was a shock.

Tomorrow will be their last day as employees and it’s a sad occasion. Best of luck to those involved, you’ll be missed.