Trackbacks as Corporate Suicide

Posted on May 14, 2004

There’s plenty of comment around on the Movable Type developer launch and the license changes, so there’s no need to repeat it here. If you want to gauge the reaction, have a look through the trackback entries on the announcement about pricing at Mena’s Corner.

It’s nice to see that trackback is working as intended - gathering the discussion about a topic. It’s a shame that much of the reaction is negative :-?

Simon worries that our marketing friends might stomp on blogging as a result:

I do hope my colleagues in marketing don’t find out because there could be some pretty tricky questions to answer about using this medium for business.

But this isn’t really a problem that is specific to blogging or trackback - any forum that allows customers to comment on your announcements in an un-moderated fashion will produce similar results if you host the comments on a company site (it seems that Sun’s BigAdmin might suffer abuse in much the same way).