Hello London...

Posted on May 17, 2004

About fifteen hours after leaving the house this morning I’m installed in the Sheraton, Palo Alto watching The Matrix on TBS.

Noted things so far:

  • Finding a child booster seat in my spot on the 747 was, well, odd. There’s little enough room as it is given my height, so it seemed like a bit of a cruel joke. Unfortunately they removed it rather than upgrading me to first class :-P (Incidentally, the first class seats on Virgin look more like a small room of your own.)
  • Wandering around Fry’s when your body clock thinks that it’s about 2am is strange. For example, have you noticed how many models of mouse Microsoft now make? Annoyingly, they didn’t have any powerbook batteries in stock.
  • I’ve never been a fan of McDonalds in the UK. Whilst wandering along El Camino looking for places to eat later in the week I had a chance to not be a fan of McDonalds in the US as well.
  • Last time I stayed here I left feedback to say that the showerhead was much too low. Now there’s some odd kind of S bend where it comes out of the wall to gain another six inches. Not that it helps - still can’t get my head underneath without bending down.
  • Oh, and there is no spoon, obviously.