Cornwall, again

Posted on Jun 7, 2004

We’re back from our traditional week spent at St. Ives Bay Holiday Park in Cornwall. The Hayle beach that the holiday park sits above is truly fabulous - several miles of golden sands. It’s amazing how much fun you (err, your kids) can have building castles or irrigation systems and playing about in the surf with a 10 quid bit of compressed polystyrene. Great days.

If you visit Hayle then there are three places you have to eat:

  • Philps Pasties where the pasties are cooked on site. Don’t buy anything larger than standard unless you are really hungry though…
  • The fish and chip shop that faces the (soon to be) marina. You have to be on the ball though - it closes at 7:30pm.
  • The Thai Chef which is not licensed, so you need to bring some wine or beer along. We’ve had take-away meals from here before, but the food is much better if you eat in. Try the pork ribs and chicken in oyster sauce as appetizers and then the trout in a sweet sauce as a main course.

A few years ago I quite liked St. Ives (the town), but really it’s much too busy during the tourist season. The harbour and main streets are perhaps best avoided, though the Tate is worth a visit.