Reminder to self...

Posted on Aug 6, 2004

Don’t buy a non-Dyson vacuum cleaner ever again.

We had a nice Dyson. Then our builders used it to hoover up random piles of crap from various places inside and outside of the house. It died.

After being happy with the performance and worried about the price (particularly if they builders would wreck it again), we decided to buy something else. The something else was something like this, from Hoover. It’s a disaster. Here’s a list of problems:

  • the internals of the suction pipe get clogged with carpet fluff, etc. too easily,
  • it leaks dust,
  • emptying it is easy (it practically falls apart), but leaks crap all over the floor every time,
  • it’s very noisy.

But by far the most annoying thing becomes apparent when you attempt to use the hose attachment. This is connected near the top of the main body, so when you step away from the hoover with the hose (to reach behind the TV, say) you always end up pulling the damn thing over. Every time! I hate it.

We’ve had it for something like a year. It will be going in a skip soon and we’ll return to Dyson powered hoovering bliss (but with lighter pockets).