flickr comments

Posted on Oct 5, 2004

Flickr seems to be quite fashionable, so I had a go. Sending photos from my phone via MMS was pretty straightforward - much easier than figuring out how to get the T610 to send email from the email client (reminder to self: write rant about how many keystrokes are necessary to send a picture to an email address).

It’s early days for me, but the first oddity I’ve noted is that subscribing to the RSS feed of comments doesn’t actually supply the body of the comment, just the fact that Joe Bloggs has written something. Pah - that’s dorky - I don’t want to have to go load up the site just to read a comment, it should be included in the feed.

Other than that it looks useful and well made. A general fear of relying on someone else to store my stuff means that I won’t use it for anything other than occasional posting, but even then it might help on the bandwidth bill.