Posted on Oct 15, 2004

Naming things is always in interesting problem. It’s well known that eskimos have lots of words for “snow” (though in reality this could well just be an urban legend - I’ve never met an eskimo). I also read somewhere that eskimos tend to name places after events, so somewhere there is reputed to be a valley called something like “Two men kissed and the caribou got away.”

Louis, who is three, started at a new nursery a few weeks ago. As a result he has lots of new friends. Of particular note are Adam and Adam-who-doesn’t-whack-people. You should draw your own conclusions. Another notable friend is Joseph-who-doesn’t-have-black-hair, clearly distinct from Joseph, who presumably does.

Odd things happen with kids when stuff sounds similar. Jenny was given some chocolates by a friend and, later that same say, Louis came into the kitchen and saw me eating something (it was a digestive biscuit). He asked me was I eating “air-conditioning”. This was puzzling for a while, as that seemed like a silly idea. It turns out the chocolates are Ferrero-Rocher, and that’s what he meant. From now on they will be “air-conditioning” chocolates though - you should never let something like that die.