Posted on Nov 17, 2004

It’s funny how things come together. Yesterday we watched the second half of Space Odyssey, which was good fun. There is a long segment where the Pegasus sits in a gap in Saturn’s rings - the gap is called The Cassini Division.

This evening I was discussing communism with my daughter, as she is writing a paper on the Manifesto of the Communist Party. She observed that communism wouldn’t work, as most people don’t have a nature that would be conducive. To try and help her understand what a communist society might be like we looked at The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin. The life of the anarchists gives some interesting insight into possible practical consequences of a communist society.

Also interesting is the work of Ken MacLeod, who proposes a couple of different alternative societies with a socialist or communist base. I’m particularly fond of the descriptions of air travel and airports in The Cassini Division, so I found that passage for her to read.

The Cassini Division, twice in two days.