Don't expect a reply

Posted on Mar 3, 2005

For the past few days I’ve been using Apple’s for all of my IMAP needs. When it’s only necessary to monitor a couple of folders I find that it’s perfectly adequate as a mail reading application, but beyond a few folders it gets too unwieldy - particularly in choosing to completely ignore the idea of folder subscription.

Something that constantly irritates is the behaviour of the editor. Cutting out spurious blank space, unnecessary quoting, etc. when replying to a message gets boring very quickly. The editor feels imprecise, though with some concentration I can see that it behaves the same way all of the time. Not being able to drive using the keyboard to mark and remove regions, move around easily is something that I really miss. Couple that with the fact that gnus lets me control the details of what is inserted into a reply and every message is a pain to write.