Tap, tap, tap...

Posted on Jul 3, 2006

…is this thing on?

So, it’s been a while. There’s no fantastically complex excuse behind that, just the usual “too busy”. That said, we did manage to fit in a weeks holiday in Cornwall with some fantastic weather and good food.

There have been a couple of trips to the Sun office in Colorado, which is very nice (though the canteen leaves a little to be desired).

Other than that, working to get Solaris on Xen networking into a useful state, with a view to releasing something soon, trying to help out figure out some difficulties with Zones networking for a mobile telecoms company and learning some more about Mercurial.

I gave in and bought a 2Ghz white MacBook - so far very happy, though the standard 512M RAM is clearly not enough. An upgrade to 2G lies in the near future. It does get a bit hot underneath, though not noticeably hotter than the older Powerbook when doing something like watching a film (DivX using VLC.app). Most of the time it’s connected to an external keyboard/mouse/monitor anyway.