First Life

Posted on Jul 4, 2006

What if Second Life was your first life?

Not in the sense of being very committed to it - there are doubtless a number of people who are that, but in the sense that your only existence was as an avatar in Second Life.

After recently re-reading Schild’s Ladder, getting a first introduction to Second Life and consequently digging out a copy of Snowcrash, I was wondering what people would put up with. Sure, Second Life is relatively low resolution, sometimes jerky, limited, but if it were a choice between that and no future, might it be tolerable?

Dealing with the limits of human emulation is also a feature of Permutation City, where simulated humans run at one seventh real time, at least those without significant assets.

Of course, there are no emulated humans in Second Life - it’s more Metaverse than acorporeal existence, but still…