Posted on Jul 5, 2006

There’s a current Barclays Insurance advertisement that has a nice ending, but is nevertheless deeply annoying. The ending shows a young employee attempting to ‘putt’ in his boss’s office. He’s successful - the golf ball runs cleanly into the plastic trap - but then it fires the ball back towards him and destroys and expensive looking LCD television sitting just beside our hapless hero. There’s the obvious subtext - what would you do next?

The annoyance comes from the fact that this kid has clearly been working late to come up with a great product idea. The cleaners are vacuuming in the office, most of the lights are out, no-one around. And the great idea?

“If you can find a cheaper quote, we’ll give you fifty quid.”

Wow! It’s so innovative!

Hopefully his boss would arrive in the morning, forgive him for trashing the TV and then fire him for the lame proposal.