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Posted on Feb 22, 2007

Sam is troubled:

I’m troubled by the A couple of things are lost though statement. Excerpting and filtering are meant to be one of the strengths of Venus. Can anybody explain more fully the feature that is missing?

There are two reasons that they’re now missing:

  1. I’m really pushed for time at the moment. Planet Sun has been mostly broken for several months and getting something working seemed important.
  2. From the architecture diagram I understood that filtering happens before an item is placed in the cache. This seems to run contrary to the filtering that I implemented for Planet, and suggests that I’d need a cache per output site (i.e. distinct caches for each of filter/java, filter/solaris, category/java and category/solaris). Last time that I asked about this there didn’t seem to be a reply.

If there is demand for the filtered/categorised feeds, let me know.