Global Calendaring

Posted on Mar 12, 2007

I was reminded again this morning about how annoying it is that Google Calendar doesn’t have any useful timezone support.

It seems that Google does have employees spread across the globe, so how do they cope?

As an aside, is there a decent web-based calendar that does have reasonable timezone support? Roughly what I need is:

  • The ability to associate a timezone with an event (including recurring). This specifies that the event occurs at the specified time in that timezone (i.e. 8pm Pacific time).
  • The ability to set the current timezone of the viewer.
  • The ability to display a list of events from the perspective of the viewer, including noting that the events are in a different timezone).
  • Convenient, but not essential for me, would be the ability to indicate that an event is timezone neutral - it occurs at a time relative to the viewer’s local timezone.

Both iCal and Evolution manage reasonably well in these requirements, but neither are web-based, obviously.