Posted on Aug 7, 2009

Deciding to write a weblog entry turned into a big deal. It had to have some length, say something interesting, avoid using ‘I’ too much, etc. The empty buffer staring back at me was a challenge. As a result I hardly ever bothered.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to play again with Tumblr. The result told me a couple of things:

  • if I don’t worry too much about the significance of a particular entry, I create more entries,
  • the Tumblr bookmarklet made it quick and easy to post links, pictures and quick comments based on things I saw on the web.

The disadvantage of Tumblr is that they have my data. They give it back reasonably easily, but they could disappear without telling me first.

As a result I fiddled with the ikiwiki installation here a little to make it more Tumblr-ish and wrote a couple of scripts to help me post things more quickly. Let’s see how it goes…

(Oh, at the same time I’m abandoning Twitter - you can get my 140 characters here.)