Getting rid of our home server

Posted on Oct 26, 2009

With the appearance of devices such as the QNAP TS-219P, I wonder if it’s time to get rid of the PC running Ubuntu which acts as my home file and CPU server?

When running through the functionality provided by the TS-219P I’m hard pressed to find many things that are missing. The most pressing is perhaps offlineimap, which I used to backup a couple of different IMAP servers that are otherwise out of my control. It’s occasionally useful to be able to run mutt on the fileserver, but I wouldn’t really miss that terribly.

It’s a little worrying that QNAP doesn’t use standard ext3, as this means that you are reliant on them to gain access to your data - one of the big reasons to avoid a packaged solution.

Even if the default software wasn’t quite enough, it’s possible to install Debian and have almost any software I care about.