Posted on Sep 12, 2011

Over the last twelve months the battery in my cordless drill has declined noticeably in capacity. This came to a head at the weekend when a freshly charged battery was not sufficient to complete the installation of a single screw, particularly given that I need to drill four 16mm holes into some concrete.

The drill itself seems fine, if a little battered, so I looked into buying a new battery. Amazon sells the battery for £40.76. That’s not so bad - the drill was originally about twice that price.

Just to be sure, I checked what a new drill will cost. It turns out to be £58.94. Hmm - just an extra £19 to have a new drill, charger and case. Seems like a reasonable option.

Oh, but wait - the new drill comes with two batteries.

So, a battery is ~£40 and a drill with two batteries is ~£60. How does that make sense?